The Selgovae are a British tribe of central lowland Scotland.

The Eagle of the Ninth (126-9 CE)Edit

Guern the hunter, a deserter of the Ninth Legion, was taken in by the Selgovae, marrying a woman named Murna and regarding them as his tribe.

Frontier Wolf (341-3)Edit

The Selgovae are one of the four tribes from whom the Frontier Wolves recruit locally (along with the Votadini, the Damnonii, and the Dalriads.)

They remain neutral in the Votadini feud with the Frontier Wolves, and are viewed as unlikely to even inform the Votadini of the Wolves' presence in their territory, but are raided by the invading Picts. The Rath of Skolawn in the Glen of the Red Horse is massacred by the Picts, leaving a sole survivor discovered by the Frontier Wolves when they make camp there on the second night of their retreat.


  • Guern the hunter
  • Murna
  • The Selgovae woman


  • Guern's home and hunting-runs
  • The Glen of the Red Horse
  • The Rath of Skolawn
  • The Ford of the Rowan Trees

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