The Dumnonii are a British tribe of southwestern England.

The Eagle of the Ninth (126-9 CE)Edit

The Dumnonii are the tribe local to the Roman frontier fort Isca Dumnoniorum. They attack the fort on the instigation of a wandering druid and their settlement is razed in reprisal.

Outcast (140s CE)Edit

Beric is raised in a Dumnonian village three days beyond the frontier marked by Isca Dumnoniorum, which is still rebuilding a generation after being burned down following the revolt.

Sword at Sunset (c. 480 CE)Edit

Artos and Ambrosius's heirs are Cador of Dumnonia and his son Constantine, whom Artos visits on the way to the Continent.



  • Isca Dumnoniorum, Roman fort town
  • Uxella, the Tribal Dun
  • Beric's village, north of Isca
    • The Killer Rock

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