The Damnonii are a British tribe of southwestern Scotland.

Frontier Wolf (342)Edit

The Damnonii are one of the four tribes from whom the Frontier Wolves recruit locally (with the Votadini, Selgovae, and Dalriads.) They join the uprising of the invading Picts and Attacotti.

Sword at SunsetEdit

Artos seeks a military alliance with the Damnonii, and is forced to marry Guenhumara, the chief's daughter. When Artos is forced to repudiate Guenhumara, her brothers and their forces also leave the alliance.


  • Druim of the Arcani, younger son of a chieftain (FW)
  • Sword at Sunset
    • Guenhumara
    • Maglaunus
    • Pharic
    • Laethrig
    • Sulian
    • Blanid


  • Maglaunus's Dun, southwest Caledonia

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