The Atrebates, also spelled Attribates, are a British tribe of south central England, originally from Gaul. Though their tribal dun Calleva Atrebatum is a major setting in The Eagle of the Ninth and The Silver Branch, the Atrebates themselves feature only in one novella, Sun Horse, Moon Horse, as antagonists.

Sun Horse, Moon Horse (100 BCE)Edit

The Attribates [sic] are a wealthy Gallic tribe migrating north across the Narrow Seas ahead of the Roman expansion. A clan led by Cradoc captures the Fortress Hill of their northern neighbours, a clan of the Iceni inhabiting the White Horse Vale, and establishes it as the northern outpost of the tribe.They use the surviving Iceni as slave labour to build the White Horse of Uffington as a boundary marker, which they consecrate with a human sacrifice, in exchange for freeing them.

Like the Iceni, the Attribates are horse-breeders and charioteers, but the Attribates are patrilineal, which leads them to overlook the matrilineal heirs of the Iceni clan. Their chief god is Lugh the Sun Lord.

The Eagle of the Ninth (126-9 CE)Edit

The Atrebates are the local tribe of Calleva Atrebatum, where Uncle Aquila is retired.

The Silver Branch (292-5 CE)Edit

The local Britons of Calleva, including Flavius's farm workers and resistance recruits, are presumably Atrebates.


  • Cradoc (SHMH)
  • Ferradach (SHMH)
  • Anbar (SHMH)
  • Cutha (TSB)
  • Kyndylan (TSB)
  • Buic (TSB)
  • Flann (TSB)
  • Tuan (TSB)


  • Fortress Hill, dun of the Iceni
  • The White Horse Vale
  • Calleva Atrebatum
  • The Forest of Spinaii, outside Calleva
  • The Down Country